“In ewiger Zusammenarbeit”

Posted on 10/02/2012


This is a collaborative creative project with Daniela Gast which will be done during an art residency hopefully in Mexico City this year.

In ewige Zussammenarbeit is an interdisciplinary work that researches the cultural and historical connections between Germany and Mexico. This research is based on the cross-border experience of Bruno Traven, and also other unknown characters who built up social bridges between both countries.

Our goal is to portrait in a creative way the similarities and dissonances that connect and questioned both contexts.
















Example of a book reference for Mexico











German Family




























Ein junger Mann














Unsere Nachbarin





















Das Paar

Portraits found in Dresden which will be use for an installation using found objects already collected in Germany and brought to Mexico.

In Mexico more objects will be collect and use for this binational creative project. An intercultural dialogue will be approach using all the objects found in both countries. This objects will interact with sound, visual and performance works.





















































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