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Sound Collage

Live presentation

EXPERIMONTAG – Madame Claude

Berlin, Germany.




















30-31st March 2012

Installation (solo)

Audio-video live performance

in collaboration with Jon Evans

International artists will present different works

Theme: Art as experience

Terminal 08 Gallery

Gorzow, Poland.

















TORSO is a collective exhibition based on a poem of the same title written by Alessia D’Artino. All artists involved in this project research the meaning of fragmentation, mutilation, pain & melancholy as a subjective journey expressed through different creative disciplines such as visual art, sound and performance.

Artists involved:

Dusan Pejcic – Video Installation

Daniela Gast – A BodyStory/Video Performance

Alessia D’Artino – Sonic Journey with Objects

Magda Bondos & Verónica Mota – Audio/Video Live Performance

Mariae Nascenti & Boxikus – Live Concert and Visuals

Jon Evans – Performance Art

Presentations on Sunday, April 22


























Soundwork and performance art in collaboration with Miriam Wuttke.

Live presentation at Month of Performance Art


























Dance project in collaboration with Annabel Guérédrat.

This project will be developed between August and December 2012 in France and Martinique.























































International live presentations are planed for 2013.

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